The Little Planet Family

Without question, the essence of Little Planet is the mix of dedicated professionals that make up our team, the Little Planet family. Be it senior management, instructors, assistants or the teams that work behind the scenes, we all have a common goal, to provide the most complete and professional service possible whilst maintaining the passion that draws our visitors into the world of experiential learning.Little Planet team

The Little Planet family, carefully selected from around the globe, is intentionally multi-cultural. With such a mix of international staff amongst our team we are able to provide a service that is bespoke to each client’s national and cultural background.

With the diversity of national and cultural backgrounds there comes a diversity of knowledge and interests. From sea kayaking guides consumed by astronomy to journalists obsessed with reptile study, this helps us to achieve our own internal cultural goal of continuous teaching, sharing and learning on multiple levels, combined with a genuine passion for life and a strong inclination to share our excitement with others.Little Planet training


At Little Planet we take professional competency very seriously. With a continuous training regime, we ensure that all of our team posses a level of professional and medical qualification that exceeds our clients requirements.

The Little Planet family encompasses a blend of competency, diversity, compassion, and genuine enthusiasm that is truly unique.

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