The Final Stretch Looms for One World International!! – Day 4

It was a fun filled day from the beginning to the end including things like a sand castle competition, pirate scavenger hunt, raft building, beach Olympics plus Nukenball, Coco house, and closing campfire.

The sand castle competition was full of creative ideas done by the middle school. There were different varieties of sand structures like Juara Turtle Project castle of the blind turtle Jo and her child by Iona and Zoe that won the contest. The eight grade girls including Angeline designed a Rapunzel castle. The eighth and seventh grade boys proposed a castle that was somewhat supposed to be Winterfell from Game of Thrones. As well the Grade six boys created a historical community castle.

We were divided into three groups of pirates the Spaniards, British, and Malay they were all a part of the Malay past. Given clues we all set off to find our countries currency around River View boundaries. The money was used to buy materials for our rafts, which we used to race to get the loot.

Beach Olympics involved activities like coconut bowling, three-legged race, and rice bag jumping relay race that was amusing.

Coco house was are last activity of the week at Juara beach. It was a small talent show showing laughable skits of four different groups including our hilarious instructors and teachers.

We were rewarded with hot Milo and exhilarating games by the campfire.

Last but not least we had amazing meals throughout the day which included banana pancakes, egg, chicken, or beef hamburgers, and for dinner beef rendang and fries.

All of OWIS enjoyed our stay at Juara Beach River View and we thank all of the instructors for guiding us through our five days and always smiling. Thank You! 😀


Megan Ang and Zoe TusethIMG_3123IMG_3131


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