NPS International – Grade 5 – Kota rainforest – Day Two – Part Three!

Blimey, three posts from one day!

As promised here’s a student post from yesterday plus a load more pics, hope you enjoy,

Team Little Planet

This is the second day at Kota rainforest, or Kota Tinggi in Malaysia. Yesterday had been a tiring day and we needed a lot of sleep, we just woke up in time to get to get to the morning stretch. When we were done with our breakfast, the instructors made an announcement saying that the Elephants would first go to a farm and we, the Tigers would first go rock climbing, flying fox and abseiling. We had rock climbing first, and it was easier said than done. no one could make it to the top because it was slanted in the middle but that didn’t break our spirit. Next we moved on to the flying fox, this ride was extreme and exhilarating experience, it was above a lake. After this was the abseiling, in the line we took a lot of time. We all were very hungry and ate lunch. YUMMY! We ate our food and have our shady time because the next activity was the nature trek, the nature trek included mud, river water, animals, plants, mountains and more MUD! After we made it to the top of one of the hills, AMAZING VIEW UP THERE. After that we had some time to chill in our rooms. Last but not the least, we went to have our dinner, the food tasted really GOOD. In the middle of dinner a storm broke out, there was pouring rain and thunder and lightning. THEN THE ELECTRICITY WENT OUT. It was like a show. We went to sleep at the end of this very tiring day.




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  1. sharvari Gore /

    WoW! what fun and adventure EXPERIENCE … vry happy to see you all enjoying … 🙂

  2. Devayani Bagwe /

    Lovely updates and lovely pics!! thank you so much.

  3. SuShma bharadwaj /

    Awesome!! you all are haviNg such a great time and Learning so much.. Enjoy and see you soon.!

  4. Pooja Gaddh /

    Lovelypics.. Can you also posT a group pic.. I’d like to seemy daughter in one of the pics .. So far couldnt spot her!!

  5. Vijay /

    Nice post Ranaay and Satvik. Too much fun. SOunds tiring as well. Have a great time and see you all bck here tomorrow.

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