NPS International – Grade 5 – Kota rainforest – Day One!

Hi again folks,

Apologies for the lateness of the post, it’s been a very full day indeed and I’ve finally got the time to sit down and put this together.

I hope you’ve been receiving the tweets throughout the day as well. The connectivity is a little intermittent here but we will continue to do our best to update you as often as possible.

OK, enough from me, here’s what a few of our students have to say about the day:
We looked through fogged up window and saw our parents waving to us sadly………………………AND THEN THE FUN BEGAIN!!! Everyone was playing, eating, sleeping and chatting. When we passed the Malaysian border we got the first glimpse of Malaysia. It was an hour from the causeway and bus ride was fabulous and then we arrived at our destination the Kota Tinggi Rainforest Resort.

Our first impression was great. We sat down on the wooden chairs and we sorted out into our activity and cabin groups. We got 15 minutes to settle in our room and got to know our roommates.

Then we all sat down with our friends to have lunch. Lunch was ok. According to students dinner was better.

After lunch we started our activities. It started of by group games and moved on to water sports, which included the Indiana jones, a swim test and free time in the lake.

After that we had shady and got time to change and get ready for dinner. Dinner was amazing according to everybody.

We ended our day around a campfire by burning our fears and sharing our group name and battle cry.

On the whole it was a great start to our OBT.

Aanya Rao, Arya Bhardwaj, Saloni Gore and Saksham Bhasin

It’s been great, the Indiana Jones Challenge I thought was a particular highlight, here’s a few pictures:




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  1. Sharvari Gore /

    Thanks Lovely photos … Really happy to see kids enjoying raft bulding activity. Pls do post more photos if you can . just to see more faces enjoying & finding you kid in it

  2. Deepali /

    Great to hear from the kids about the adventures they r having! Keep updating us

  3. Pooja Gaddh /

    Lovely pics, happy faces.. They sure had a ball on day one!!

  4. bharti /

    Lovely pics

  5. Anu /

    Lovely capture!!!!with smileeee faces !!Waiting to c more pics.

  6. Vijay /

    Wow. Very nice photos. The kids seem to be having a lot of fun.

  7. Ruchi /

    Happy to see you all having fuN..looking forward to more updates and Pics.

  8. Surjit /

    Wow! enjoy kids!!

  9. Surjit /

    Lovely pics and looking forward for mOr so we can spot ouR kiddo too!!

    • amos /

      I’ll try for some more group orientated photos as well tomorrow, will try to get everyone in by the end of the week for sure!
      All photos will be given to the school once we’ve completed the Grade 6 Tioman trip as well (next week) and I’ll try to get (internet permitting) a Google Drive folder uploaded with everything on.
      More to come.

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