NPS International – Grade 5 – Kota rainforest – Day Four!

A Very Good Afternoon from the team at Kota Rainforest!

As the curtain falls on another great week of outdoor education, we reflect on a time of challenges overcome, exuberant energy levels and the way in which we have seen the students change from day one until now.

I’d like to say that this week has been very positive, from day one’s crazy excitement to todays teamwork activities showing an ability to listen, understand and act as cohesive teams. The students have been a whole heap of fun, their energy and enthusiasm seeming to be endless and their willingness to undertake challenge impressive.

Everyone is now headed back your way full of stories and crazyness, I hope you enjoy hearing about it all! The coaches left Kota Rainforest at 2.00 PM so are on time.

Thanks must go out to all of the students for their enthusiasm, the parents for allowing their children to attend and the school for working together with us to create these experiences.

I’ve met a lot of great kids this week and I sincerely wish them all the very best in their future endeavours,

Until next time,

Simon and Team Little Planet


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  1. Vijay /

    Looking forward to seeing the kids arrive safely back home today

  2. Manoj Attal /

    Welcome back…..:)

  3. Manoj Attal /

    Thankyou Team Little Planet !!

  4. Ruchi /

    Memories fro life and Learnings forever.. Thanks for the good work. Looking forward to hearing the funfilled stories

  5. Sukanya RaJaram /

    Thanks little planet
    Send us pictures

  6. Sukanya RaJaram /

    Thanks little planet
    Do send us pictures

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