NPS International – Gr.6 – Tioman – Day One – Part Two!

A Very Good Evening from Tioman Island,

I won’t speak for too long as I know it’s the pictures you’re really after!

It’s been a good introductory day with plenty of icebreakers to make the students feel more at home and a swimming activity so that we can gauge how comfortable each participant is in the water.

Everyone certainly seems to be having a blast and spirits are high.

But back to what you guys really want, here’s a few pics of this afternoon,

Team Little Planet











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  1. Monika /

    Lovely pics! Kids look like they are having a great time!

  2. Justine /

    How fun! WOuld you be posting pictures of other group? I am not Seeing kids in 6C.

  3. Ashish /

    Lovely pics have lots of fun

  4. Beena /

    Nice .. They look like they Are already having loads of fun.. Would love to see pictures of the other group as well..

    • amos /

      We’ll get some more uploaded as soon as we can, thanks for your patience

  5. leena /

    lovely pics , thanks for keeping us updated, Enjoy kids

  6. Guru /

    Awesome!!! Great to see the contagious enthusiasm! Eagerly awaiting to see the whole gang!

  7. Uma /

    Wonderful pics , very happy to see the kIds are having fun !!!

  8. Aarti /

    Lovely clicks.. Plz do post other group pics too

  9. varun /

    nice pics, pls post snaps of 6c also

  10. VEnkY /

    Cool ….aLl looks with bubbling spirit…..Any more pic covering somemore kids ??

  11. Suji /

    Lovely to see the sheer bliss on everyone’s face

  12. Shruti Vidhawan Agarwalla /

    so nice to see such happy pics 1
    could you pls post pics of kids in 6C

  13. Sanyukta /

    The children are having blast no doubt. It’s great to see them happy. Looking forward to photographs of the other groups as well..

  14. Priyabrata Pattnaik /

    Nice pics. Happy to see children enjoying.

  15. Sukanya RaJaram /

    Awesome pictures

  16. Sukanya RaJaram /

    Super snaps

  17. Jasminec /

    Lovely clicks ! Looks like kids are having a blast ! Waiting to see my son pics too

  18. Swarna /

    Thanks fir sharing.. What about otger groups? 6a?

  19. Kaushik /

    Nice pics and good to see that all the children are enjoying. Can you post a pic of my son Aryan!!

  20. Jocelyne /

    The kids look like their having a good time…more pics pls….

  21. arunima /

    lovely pics. seems they r enjoying a lot .

  22. arunima /

    please send more pics please

  23. Arunima /

    Nice pics. Seems they r enjoying a lot. Great. Please send some more pics. Pics of 6a also

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