NPS – IB SERVICE – Cambodia Day 4 – Making new friends

A Very Good Evening to all of our blog seekers,

Days are flying by here, doesn’t seem enough time in each day to fit it all in. My personal favourite of the day was the maintenance activity, we were accosted by a bunch of Cambodian kids, all puzzled as to who we might be and eager to join in with the work.

Anyway, enough from me, here’s what a few of our students had to say about the day:

We hope you aren’t getting too used to living without us. No need to worry, we’re all fine except for a couple of cuts and bruises and broken bones (just kidding about the last one)!

Our action packed day started with a hearty breakfast followed by the ride from Phnom Penh to Free the Bears where most of us managed to catch up on some sleep. Refreshed, we started our morning activities. First, we worked on the previous day’s presentations and after sharing our facts about the different animals with the other groups, a winner was declared—the gibbons, who rapped their way to victory. Next, we embarked on a Biodiversity Hunt wherein we searched for specific plant species in the compound, in our groups. Not only did we learn about the different plants but we also learnt how in touch the locals are with their natural environment as they enthusiastically helped us identify the plants.

After the vigorous search, we headed for a delicious lunch at headquarters (aptly called the Bear Den). Hydrated and recharged, we went shopping for Free the Bears merchandise including mugs, wristbands and T-shirts (Parents, you can get the same and more at www.freethebears.org). Proceeds from these sales contribute to helping the bears and other animals at this sanctuary.

Upon heading back to the Bear Den, we were divided into groups and BEARied in work—one group did food preparation while the other did maintenance work at the children’s play area. Those involved in food preparation chopped vegetables, weighed and sorted them based on the needs of the bears. The other group raked the play area and helped remove the fence for placement of new hedgerows.

Tired yet thoroughly satisfied, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up for the long-awaited river cruise on the glistening Mekong River. Against the backdrop of the beautiful city of Phnom Penh, we enjoyed our scrumptious pizzas along with our daily dose of friendly banter.

After the demanding day, we called it a night. Yet again, we survived without any casualties. We’re just messing with you. The mosquito bites were the best part!

-Archita, Arunima, Niharika and Srika


Tomorrow promises to be even more jam packed with the National Museum, further maintenance work (hopefully with our little rabble of new friends) and a temple visit.

Have a great evening everyone and we’ll be back tomorrow,

Team Little Planet

Making new friends


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  1. Seeta /

    Dear Kids,
    Good evening
    Loved to see the smiles on your face.. wish you a great day tomorrow too..

  2. Nilufer Boocha /

    Hi Kids! a very .interesting read great work, warm smiles.and nice pics. .THANKS ALL

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