NPS – Grade 9 – Bali – Day Five

Good Morning,

A quick opportunity to get a post out to you guys, I would say that the last paragraph sums things up rather nicely:

Day 5, written by Kaemon Daver

“Today was another exciting day for our group as we were going to do our most important and final activity. It was a trek up to the rim of Abong Ridge which looked down up Lake Batur and Mount Batur.

We left at 8:00am after breakfast and headed towards our buses. The ride was long but the view was spectacular. The buses dropped us off at the boat dock where we crossed Lake Batur. The boat dropped us off at a small village with great cultural values and we began our trek from there. We hiked for a long time up steep terrain to our lunch spot with fantastic views. 

After lunch we walked the rest of the trek by reply ourselves. On our way, the instructors placed cards on the trail which were questions that we had to ask ourselves and soon we walking inside a cloud. We had to remove our shoes at the end which enabled us to reconnect with nature. We wrote a bucket list and then left the top and headed back down.

Going down was our biggest difficulty as we all slipped down almost every minute. We spent one and a half hours hiking down to the buses and then headed back to the Ashram.

I personally felt this experience as a great one as I was able to see nature in a different aspect.

Back at the Ashram, after dinner, we looked at the sky and found over 200 stars and were fascinated by its beauty and shared many facts about them while stargazing.

We will all remember this experience and will reflect upon this. Our whole group will miss Bali as we are going back to Singapore tomorrow. These past five days will be one of the precious moments that will be with us for a long time. We still have one more day but we hope to use these experiences to help overcome challenges that occur in the future. “

Well, thats the final post from this years Bali trip. Id just like to say that it’s been a real pleasure to work with the student group, they’ve gained some very useful life skills whilst having a blast along the way.

I’m sure you’ll hear all about it tonight!

All the Very Best,

Team Little Planet


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