NPS – Grade 9 – Bali – Day Three – UPDATED!!

A very brief note to let you know that everyone is fine, more than fine in fact!

Yesterday was super long and so packed that we just didn’t have time for the students do a write up of events if they were to get enough rest for todays activities.

I’ll not spoil the suspense by posting what was achieved, (I believe that the students have a flair that surpasses mine when it comes to the write ups!) but will strive to get some time today to ensure a student written blog is with you by bedtime tonight.

I just wanted to let you know that everything is running smoothly and everyone’s having a great time whilst gaining a great deal of personal experiences.

Back Soon,

Team Little Planet

OK, we’ve found the time to have some of our students write up their thoughts from yesterday, here you go with Chaitanya, Amirtha, Janani and Archit’s take on things:

Day 3 Morning, written by Chaitanya

Everybody was really excited to start the day, as we all got a chance to get really close and personal with nature. Since all of us have lived in metropolitan cities for most of our lives, we never had the chance to develop an intimate relationship with it. Today, however, we got a chance to do so, and despite the fact that there were about 25 of us present for the trek, we all came back with different personal experiences that were unique to each and every one of us.

We got a chance to bond with each other during our journey up and down the mountain. The camaraderie and the support that everyone showed toward each other while they conquered their challenges made our connections with each other even greater, and I have no doubt that everybody learned something new about each other. This was punctuated by a very interesting game that we played during our hike, ‘Photographer and Camera’. This unique game allowed us to practice our photographic memory, our trust for one another, and our artistry as well!

To conclude, the morning made us new people, it allowed us to further discover ourselves and discover the people around us as well.

Day 3 Afternoon, written by Amirtha Tulari and Janani 

In the afternoon we started off with a scavenger hunt for the necessary ingredients to make delicious and healthy jamu. We found ingredients like turmeric, garlic, betel leaves, ginger and kechak by following colored ribbons. We were divided into five groups and each group made their own jamu from ingredients they found. It was indeed very delicious and refreshing. 

Later, we played a game called Predator Prey. In this game we were assigned an animal and divided into the three trophic levels. We chased each other and tried our best to survive and thrive by finding hidden cards representing water and shelter. We went to dinner very tired, with lots of exciting instances to discuss. 

Day 3 Night, written by Archit 

Everyone looked forward to the night hike with a lot of excitement. Again, like before, there was a mixture of feelings running through us all; some of us were afraid of falling in the dark, while others were anxious to show off their hiking prowess. 

We started off leaving the light from camp with no backpacks. Walking single file, we all kept to ourselves and remained tight-lipped, soaking in the beautiful nature around us,illuminated by the dazzling full moon rising above the distant volcano. 

Eventually, we reached a road. Here we played a game to practice using our night senses. It was a fun game, but nothing compared to our next activity. 

We reached a long, dark road where we were given a bravery test. Each one of us would walk alone until we reached the fire pit at the end. Once we reached the fire, we sat in silence, glad to have achieved our goal of conquering fear. 

Excellent stuff, some real overcoming of challenges and just as importantly the understanding of the achievement involved.

We’ll endeavour to have for you later,

All the Best,

Team Little Planet


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