NPS – Grade 9 – Bali – Day Six

Good Morning,

I hope you guys keep checking the blog even though your children are now home! I’ll be updating the blog with images over the next day or two now that we are back in civilisation and have the internet power.

Here’s Chaitanya with the final blogpost:

Day 6, written by Chaitanya

“The Balinese believe in having connections with three things: nature, other humans, and the gods. Over the past few days, we’ve had plenty of time to have personal and unique interactions with the Balinese culture and today, we fittingly finished off the last day of this memorable experience by interacting with the gods themselves.

In the “Mother of Temples” in Bali, we got a chance to make our own offerings, Chanang, made of coconut and banana leaves and bamboo. Many of us found it difficult at first, but we managed to pull it off with the help of the locals. After placing our offerings at the base of one of the many temples present there, we were blessed (pun intended) with another opportunity; to perform a mass prayer ritual along with other locals. As we sat there in silence, asking the all mighty deities to fulfill our wishes, we were faced with yet another intriguing and powerful personal question: what do we need in our lives? We had to think deeply and answer a fitting, powerful, and yet silent reminder of that this was going to be an unforgettable experience.

As we arrived at the airport, people found it difficult to enter. We didn’t want to leave, that’s for sure. The hospitality of our fellow adult companions Balinese locals, and nature, in a way, had literally reshaped us and our outlook on our lives. In reality, we were leaving our old selves behind. With both mind and body shaped and remolded with mental and physical challenges, we checked in our baggage, knowing that this trip had changed us forever.”

It’s great to have responses like this, great to see the students connect with the environments that we put them in and great to see that they also understand the value of the experiences. It’s what makes our work worthwhile. Thanks to the students, the parents and NPS for helping us make this happen.

Until next time,

Team Little Planet


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    Hi All, just to let you know that richard is on his way to singapore with files of pics for all trips plus a slideshow, we’ll be leaving them with the school. hope you enjoy them!

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