NPS – Grade 9 – Bali – Day Four

Dear All,

Well we have many budding authors for day four so I’ll let them tell you how it’s been:

Day 4 Morning written by Kaemon Daver 

After a long, tiring third day the whole group still woke up at 6am. We created great chaos on the campus with great excitement for our next activity. 

At 8am we finished breakfast and headed for white water rafting at Sobek. We were welcomed by staff at the start of the Tegalawaga River. It was a fascinating view and all of us were nervous. 

As we set out on our raft the photographer snapped our picture just as we gained speed to cruise through the whole river. We faced rapids and a steep 6 meter drop. After we finished our journey we climbed a huge series of steps. After that we had lunch and browsed photos. 

Soon we headed back to the ashram to rest and prepare for our next activity. This experience was unforgettable! 

Day 4 afternoon, written by Keshav

Today at 5:00 pm, all of us gathered outside the Landhi Ashram for the awesome water barrel challenge. The main aim of the activity was to construct a structure of bamboo sticks that was able to withstand the gruelling weight of an eight kilogram water barrel. Water was steadily added to the barrel and we watched the structures withstand the weight until the breaking point. 

During this ecstatic experience, we learned many new mathematical concepts. We had to brainstorm with ideas to create a stable structure. We experimented with many shapes to create a stable structure. We created a trapezium base and also numerous knots to make our creation sound.  Me and my group also tried to increase surface area and decrease the pressure to make a sound structure.

This experience brought out the theme of team spirit. I bonded with new people and made new friends. In conclusion, although my group lost, I still had a fantastic experience.

Day 4 evening written by Namita Dabral

After the wonderful day we enjoyed an interesting evening by making skits and performing them. Everyone sat around the fire in the cold atmosphere under the dark night sky surrounded by nature, we heard one of the most fabulous stories and also created some by ourselves. 

The lovely theme of team building was brought out by each and every encouraging student as we presented our skits. Each one of us got to perform and act out our own creatively made up myth stories. We later ended the amazing evening by dancing out a riddle and listening to an Indian nature song sung by Sheshgiri. We went to bed tired but with a smile.

Vinya Nadimpalli on white water rafting 

It was definitely an unforgettable experience mainly because it helped me connect with nature, helping me to see how important preserving this natural beauty is. 

Archit on white water rafting 

After we launched an odyssey remained ahead of us, and very quickly we realised the key to success was teamwork. After using it effectively to conquer torrents of rapids and waterfalls, we left with a smile planted on all our faces. 

Chaitanya on day 4 

The entire day was focused on team building and coordination. I interacted with people I hadn’t before and it gave me a chance to practice those skills. I had to adapt myself to the different strengths and weaknesses of my teammates and although it was challenging at first, I appreciated the sacrifices that everybody made. The fact that everybody was willing and able to give all that they had for the greater good made me feel glad inside. 

Varun on day 4 

Exhilarating rapids and rocks along with exciting competition in an utterly breathtaking landscape. Working together and creating structures and skits allowed us to observe and realise the multiple dimensions and depth our peers held within. Holding true to our day’s theme, teamwork, we learnt a lot about our surroundings and our own nuances. Together, like a well oiled machine, we did and felt more than one ever could alone. It was a very pleasant and interesting day. 

A great team building experience followed by a team effort on the blog, fantastic.

As always we’ll get more to you as we can,

Team Little Planet


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