NPS Gr. 9 – Bali! – Day One!

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Dear Parents,

Due to a very early departure from Singapore this morning, we managed to reach a little slice of Balinese Paradise before 1pm today, when we arrived here at Landih Ashram.

Here are two of the girls’ versions of today, Sakshi taking care of our arrival and the first part of the afternoon and Ahanaa describing the evening.

Unfortunately, our access to mobile data ad / or wi-fi up here is touch and go at best and we won’t be able to include any photos or videos the on the blog this evening, but we will keep on trying throughout the week.

Everyone is in great spirits and were all looking forward to an amazing week ahead!


– Little Planet

I’ve never been one for Ice-Breakers. We reached Camp around noon, in the pouring rain, it was absolutely freezing!

Our temporary resident Instructors weren’t lacking in any way when it came to welcoming us after the tiring journey here.

I can definitely say that my brain is circuit fired after the long day, even though lunch and dinner helped give back my energy.

Without a doubt, I can say that I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

– Sakshi

After a delicious dinner, we were all split into groups of 8 in order to prepare for our next activity: Flag Making. These weren’t any regular rectangular flags; they were 8 meter long, traditional Balinese flags that took 6 people to hold up.

All the groups displayed teamwork, dedication and had varied interpretations of the qualities the flags represented. They ranged from teamwork, individuality ,acceptance to racial harmony and equality for different communities.

All in all, it was an amazing start to what I’m sure will be a fantastic trip.

– Ahanaa


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