NPS Gr. 9 – Bali – Day Four!

Well, it’s not everyday that you get to experience an earthquake before breakfast.  Then again we haven’t been doing everyday things all that often, these days.  All but one of our bloggers were too tired by the time that we got back from the night hike to write a post, so you’ll have to hang in there until tomorrow for the overview of the most of the day.

It’s been another great one and tomorrow is shaping up to be pretty fabulous as well.

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White Water Rafting:

After a good night’s sleep, it was time for Day 4, which consisted of the most awaited activity – White Water Rafting!!!

We left Landih at 8 in the morning, making our way downhill to River Sobek. After an hour’s bus ride, we met our raft guides and were given instructions and equipment to successfully conquer the rapids. Every raft had a guide, an instructor and three students. The rapids were honestly beautiful. Crystal white water gushing in the midst of lush green jungles.

The rafting itself was a challenging yet extremely fun experience. The rapids brought out an exhilarating rush of feelings in each one of us. It also increased teamwork and understanding between us. Overall it was an unforgettable experience. After rafting we climbed uphill for a delicious lunch and went back to camp.

– Anvi

Our Day started on a positive note, we went for white water rafting. We had a lot of fun and we learnt a lot about coordination and teamwork. After rafting we climbed a series of staircases to reach our lunch destination, which felt very rewarding once we got on the top but the journey was not very eventful. After we were done with lunch we came back to the Ashram and had a little bit of downtime. After taking a little rest we were called for a team building activity. The team activity mainly focused on building trust between team members. We were divided into 2 groups, Team A and Team B. Our first task consisted of making a human zipline by interlocking our hands with our buddy. After the zipline was ready each member of the zipline would have to run through the zipline one by one, while they did so the zipline would open one by one. This activity strengthened our trust between the groups and friends. After the zipline activity our next task was trust fall. We paired with our buddy for this activity. At first the faller was supposed to keep their feet firm on the ground and cross their arms and fall backwards. The supporter was supposed to keep one of their strong feet forward and both the arms stretched forward. After we did this activity in pairs we were split into 3 groups. In this part of the activity one person would stand in the middle and fall back – and the remaining members would make a circle around the person and when the person fell the group would circulate the fallers in a circular motion, each member of the group did the part of going in the middle at least once. Our third activity was again a group activity, we were given a spider web and in this activity each member was supposed to use one free space of the web to get to the other side. This activity taught us how to build up patience and coordinate well with other people. Many light people had to be carried through the webs which was a real challenge and required a lot of trust. This activity definitely brought a lot of people together and many people made new friends.

– Serena

After the teambuilding activities we had a nice dinner. It was time for the night hike. We first played some more games. We spoke about comfort, challenging and panic zones. The game consisted of us being asked questions and standing in the area which represented the answer for us. One such example is being alone in the forest. We all scattered into either one of the three zones. The learning from this was learning about our friends. Then it was time to go for the hike. First we walked through the forest, flash-lights on. Soon we stopped and were told to turn the lights off in order to enjoy the view. The next challenge was to walking through the forest without the light and be able to adapt to the darkness. After this we sat in a circle and spoke about constellation theories. On spending 25 minutes enjoying the night sky it was time for us to walk in the darkness alone. Hearing this many of us did freaked out but on knowing there was a bonfire at the end made us feel better.

The Night Hike: 

The darkness can be overwhelming, but with a few bright stars, some good company, and a pleasant bonfire to motivate us along the way, there is no challenge too great that can’t be overcome.  Today, we finally embarked upon our long overdue night hike but the wait was unquestionably worth it.  Using only our senses and instincts, we navigated our way through the unknown.  However, being made to do so only brought us a step closer to our goal of achieving independence and self-sufficiency as we had no device to guide us through the dark.

They say the mind alone is maya (illusion) at play and we got the unforgettable chance to experience that for ourselves as well.  Upon being asked to walk along a straight path alone with no light, our hearts beat faster and symptoms of fear began to surface.  But what I learnt from my experience was that it is not the darkness and the unknown matter it holds that I fear but what I think is present in it.  It is human nature to fear what we don’t know and what we don’t understand and I learnt that by being able to control my thoughts and avoiding to make frightening connotations with the term ‘darkness’, I had no reason to be afraid.  I had nothing to fear but fear itself.  Without the opportunity to embark upon something as unique as this, I would not have been able to understand that fear… is only what we conjure in our minds.  I hope others were able to understand this and overcome their fears as well.

–  Vyas


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