NPS Gr.7 – Cameron Highlands – Day 5

A Very Good Evening to All,

After a good nights rest (we’re all definitely enjoying being back in real beds!) and a hearty breakfast we embarked on a caving adventure. Through large caverns filled with weird and bizarre shapes to small channels to wriggle through the group had a blast and were certainly not afraid to get wet or muddy.

After that it was back to base for another huge meal followed by multiple ice creams.

We then returned to the white water rafting and waterfall abseiling (swapping activity groups from the day before), both of which present some real challenges which the students took to with vigour.

A we come near to the end of another trip it’s time to reflect on the week and the challenges undertaken and conquered. It’s been a week of hardship, reward, action, empathy and amazing locations. From camping, trekking and curious flora and fauna in the Cameron Highlands to comfortable
accommodation and action in Gopeng, this certainly is a trip of many sides. Throughout the students have been resilient and positive, surprising in their ability to achieve.

I doubt that I’ll have a chance to upload a blog post tomorrow as we’ll be travelling for most of the day, I will however tweet and post to Instagram when we leave so you know that we’re safely on our way.

I’ll leave you with a few pics and wish you Good night,

All the best,

Team Little Planet.


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  1. Uma Rathi /


  2. AD /

    thanks for the updates! from the happy faces looks like a fun trip.

  3. Mareena John /

    AwesomeNess… Sure they have enjoyed it thoroughly.. thank you teachers and team little planet for making this hapPen..!

  4. chhaya /

    gorgeous rafting site and yummilious ice cream treat! as all good things come to an end, we look forward to welcome all back home, safe and sound. till another adventure!

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