NPS Gr.7 – Cameron Highlands – Day 4

Hello from sunny Gopeng!

After another night under canvas it was time to break camp, eat breakfast and travel to our next location, Gopeng! The past two days have been great yet challenging and the students most definitely missed some home comforts. They certainly now appreciate the warm showers and comfortable beds that they have are were very excited to move into their new cabins.
After a huge lunch and a little ‘chill time’ everyone is now embarking on either white water rafting or the waterfall abseil, both of which will be a whole lot of fun.
Here’s a quick note from Keara and Aditya after yesterdays activities:

The day began with the cool breeze blowing across our faces, we were fresh in no time. After the breakfast we packed our bags and were prepared to conquer Mount Jasar. Throughout the journey we discovered many new things. We were lucky to find a millipede which we played around with for a while but the species that intrigued us the most was the Pitcher Plant, as it was very unique and we had never seen anything like it in our homeland.

Our physical and mental skills were put to the test. We knew it would be a long journey but was more tiring than we had expected, we had never appreciated water as much as we did as most of us ran out of our water. Our unity played a vital role in getting us to the apex of the mountain. When we were exhausted our friends and fellow trekkers lifted our spirits with songs. Without this togetherness we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this feat. Throughout the day our instructors were very supportive and encouraged us to complete what we had begun.

After a grueling yet enjoyable six hours of trekking we reached the sacred café. We were all famished and were craving for the famous hot tea float which is known best in Cameron Highlands. For the lethargic journey we had just completed we all treated ourselves with different cakes and muffins.

At the end of the day we were most happy and proud of ourselves as we had conquered the Great Mt. Jasar with the great altitude of 1696m at a distance of 4.6km.

From: Keara and Aditya

The students have all done very well indeed over the last couple of days, meeting the challenges set with determination and a very positive attitude, now it’s time to have some fun!

Here’s some pics, including the long awaited group pic (it hasn’t been easy to get everyone together in good light until now as the activities have been full day!)


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  1. jOBINA /


  2. S. Merchant /

    Great pictures! I am sure kids are tough enough to go through the hardship and even finding fun midst of new experiences.

    cheers and all the best for the rest of the adventure!

  3. Shradha /

    Great pictures and very well written keara and aditya!!!

  4. AD /

    thanks much for the group photos!

  5. Ruchi jain /

    Devam jain, hope you enjoyed your 13th birthday with friends. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  6. kiran muthe /

    There is a ‘mile’ in every ‘smile’……
    kudos to all

  7. Uma Rathi /

    Good to see all of them having great fun ….keep building memories for life time ….stay safe keep enjoying

  8. Chhaya /

    Living the Experience via the lens of this blog;
    enjoy and make amazing memories

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