KTJ – Tioman 2017 – Day 2

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“After the morning stretches and breakfast we walked just down the road to the Juara Turtle Project. We met Izathi who showed us around. First we were shown a map of where turtles still lay eggs and where they used to lay eggs. Next our guide showed us the species that are found around Tioman. Unfortunately there are only two species of turtle that still nest on Tioman, the Green turtle and the Hawksbill turtle. We played an interesting game where we tried to tell jellyfish apart from plastic bags. It was tough! Once we were done with the outside section we went back insode and watched a very factual animation about turtles. Then we set off for the hike. Overall this short activity was a very new experience” – Jordis Su-Lyn Noecker (11)

“After the Juara Turtle Project (JTP) we went to trek to get to a waterfall which was worth it. ‘Cause it was nice and cold. We had to climb rocks, some were slippery. The guides (Wak & Matt) brought sharp knives which were to cut bushes and things. After about an hour we reached the waterfall. We changed and then we had to swim across the river. Then we could have fun. While we were eating Nasi lemak prepared by Mak Lily, Wak dropped his spoon into the waterfall and we were never going to get it back. Some of us had lots of fun. Wak rested on a rock, I wonder how he does that. We changed and headed home. On the way back, we had to go on a raft. Our shoes got muddy but we came back safe and sound in one piece. We were exhausted but we were still pumped up. I felt happy and exhausted at the end of the day. I hope tomorrow will be a better day. Peace out dudes and gals!” – Lee Ging Ging (10)

“On our second day after all that tiring trekking we had a fun beach party and got splashed by the salty sea water! Some of us played on the shore building sand castles and played frisbee and volleyball. We literally got pulled by the water and sand was inside our swimming suit. We also wore our PFDs, which stands for Personal Floatation Device. You need to buckle up all the clips and tighten them. I really enjoyed the beach party!” – Tharshini Tharmalingam (10)


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