Little Planet takes students outside of the city, and into the lesser travelled mountains and rivers of the Northern Thai provinces for a wilderness odyssey.

Multi-day expeditions combine trekking, caving, and white water rafting, as well as camping and cultural activities that promise to challenge and enthuse.  The impressive Tam Khi Mai Cave has strong spiritual ties to the local community, a cave system that is several kilometres long with a number of immense chambers connected by narrow passages that call for tight squeezes. With the guidance of knowledgeable local staff, trek along ridgelines through numerous ecosystems, sometimes resembling tropical rainforests and at other times temperate forests.

Students can travel down the mighty Mae Tang, Pai or Nam Wa rivers by means of modern white water rafts, often sharing the rivers with locals navigating traditional bamboo rafts, a form of transportation still widely used in this remote corner of the world. Winding through rice plantations and hill tribe villages, where buffalos and elephants line the banks, students have the opportunity to take in the natural beauty and learn how to effectively work together while they operate their raft under the careful instruction of local and international guides. The rivers are a combination of calm water and exhilarating rapids that promise to put the students’ skills to the test.