Little Planet has a little corner of Bali reserved for an outdoor adventure that takes you to the little town of Ubud – nestled in an maze of rice paddies and the steep ravines of Gianyar.


This trip takes you through a complete opportunity to experience Balinese culture and daily life by trekking through rice fields, visiting local villages, discovering food through making chocolate and organic gardening, as well as descending rivers whilst white water rafting, snorkelling on beautiful bali beaches and camping in the countryside.


Our adventure aim to teach young people new skills, face new challenges, create a deeper appreciation for the way humanity is connected to the environment and to build links with each other and the Bali culture.


Activities available for your Bali Bash:

Balinese Martial art and Camp Fire

Subak Interpretive Trek

Balinese Temple Visit with local children

Planting Organic Arbesia and other herbal trees

Camping at Long House

White Water Rafting on the Telage Waja River

Gambelan Ball

Traditional Farming

Chocolate Making

Balinese Music Lesson

Snorkelling Teneganan

Village Visit and Salt Making

Souvenir Making (for a local farmer or student)

Bamboo Shelter Building

Traditional Medicine Making

Bahasa Indonesian Lesson

Leadership and team workshops