With global interaction arguably more pronounced at this moment in time than at any other, individuals have an increasing need to interact, both professionally and socially, with peoples from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Experiential methods are, in our view, the very best way to gain diverse cultural learning experiences. In order for the culture to be understood it should ideally be experienced first hand. culture

At Little Planet we constantly strive to provide real cultural interaction for our clients. From small village communities on remote islands to bustling foreign cities, the diversity of cultural and social – economic locations available mean that there is always a new and exciting cultural understanding to be gained.

Exposure to foreign cultures should be a complex and profound experience. Our instructors role is to provide relevant information and global context in order to facilitate students understanding of their surroundings and create a more meaningful experience.

The impact of cultural learning upon understanding diversity and the global perspective and how this leads to increased cross-cultural competency should never be underestimated.