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Based in our private Outdoor Education facility located on Tioman Island, Malaysia, Little Planet is a capable, experienced and highly competent organiser and provider of Centre and Expedition based Outdoor Education programs. We also provide summer camps in Malaysia for schools across Asia.

About usEstablished in 2004, with a clear objective to develop and provide programs of an exceptional nature, Little Planet is committed to the ideals of experiential learning. Fully understanding the benefits that can be gained by all young persons who attend such a program, our mandate is to provide said youngsters with activities that enrich and expand their minds and help prepare them in their journey to become young adults.

About us-6To this end we have worked continuously alongside International Schools to create a rich and diverse portfolio of trips throughout SE Asia. Our defining characteristic, is the ability to create meaningful and valuable experiences by combining various activities in order to deliver a cohesive program that establishes and achieves program objectives.

As a modern, owner operated, boutique Outdoor Education Provider in Malaysia, we take pride in our ability to create custom outdoor education programs tailored to our clients needs. Through the development and maintenance of highly personalised, yet professional relationships, we come to understand our clients exact needs and develop programs which will meet their students experiential learning requirements.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALittle Planet has established an extensive network of like minded providers throughout South East Asia. All of the organisations that Little Planet partners with are experts in their respective fields. They are highly reputable providers that have extensive experience working with International Schools and operate to an International Standard.

Thorough activity and site-specific risk assessments as well as evacuation and emergency response plans are developed in conjunction with our partners to ensure that they meet international standards. Little Planet outdoor education instructors accompany all of our trips to ensure that the Little Planet experience is maintained, assist with travel logistics, facilitate communication and ensure that program objectives are met.

From our establishment to the present day, it has been an enjoyable journey and a privilege to be part of so many individuals progression towards productive adulthood. Our aim is to progress and continue to work with our diverse and dynamic clientele and staff, moving together to create new program areas and constantly improve existing ones as per our original vision.

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