NPS Gr. 9 – Bali – Day Three!!!

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I honestly can’t say enough about how diverse and in-depth this program has been.  Today ranged from constructing mobile coops used to temporarily house chickens while they till a plot of land, to making a variety of local herbal remedies known as ‘jamu’.

We’ve covered a lot of “ground” on this trip so far and there’s so much more to experience!

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Morning: Permaculture & Chicken Tractor:

“Work smart, not hard”

These words of the wise encapsulate today’s morning, as our group immersed itself into the local permaculture, a sustainable method of farming. After hearing about a rain catchment system to solve the problem of a lack of drinkable water at this height, tasting heavenly honey straight from a hive of over a thousand bees, learning about renewable compost from cow manure and dry rice farming, we headed out into the farm to battle an army of weeds. However, what truly completed the permaculture experience was the opportunity to make our very own “chicken tractors” (structures which house chicken as an alternative to toiling with tractors). A few mistakes and a lot if re-do’s later, we had relatively sound homes. The experience was fascinating and informative and made the morning a bright one.

– Smriti


Predator & Prey:

It was pouring and I was panting, lying down praying the tigers, pythons or orangutans wouldn’t attack me.

No, this wasn’t real life, it was the game, Predator and Prey. It was played on a big field with people representing various animals of different genders including mice, pythons, toads, orangutans, tigers and grasshoppers.

The objective of the game was for predators to eat, drink water, reproduce and kill, whereas the prey had to so the same except survive. This game represented the food chain and the measures to survive, and how humans simply have to look at predators to kill them and their power over the food chain. However overall it was a very enjoyable experience, and ensured that all of us learn something new while having fun.

– Ankush

Jambun & Mask Making:

Following the tiring morning at the farm, we returned to the Ashram to enjoy a slightly different activity – cooking. We began with a game of scavenger hunt in order to find the various organic ingredients that we needed in order to make different flavours of a Balinese drink known as ‘Jambun’. Although I;m not a huge fan of cooking myself, this was one of the few times I actually ended up enjoying myself, a lot more than I thought I would. After managing to up at least five glasses of this delicious drink, we ate a healthy dinner and made our way to the meditation hall where we went on to create our own personalized mask. In all honesty, for someone who does not like to express herself very much or very often, the mask making activity really did help me connect and express myself with and to my friends on a much deeper and open level than I had anticipated. Overall, today’s activities not only allowed me to open up more but also helped me broaden my perspectives in regards to topics I had never given much thought to, prior to this Camp.

– Ananya


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