Ok campers, by this time you should all be home with your loved ones and chatting away about the events of the last week. As the blog has been so popular we have  added an extra day (last day & trip home) which has been taken up enthusiastically by a group of chaps as we wait for the plane home. Here we go:



After a week of extreme starvation, broken limbs, and sleeping on cold hard floors, we have come to the end of our outbound trip. We’re just kidding. Despite the fact that we were here to serve the wildlife protection community, we were pampered by room service and amazing food (non-vegetarians are the best). Yes, I think adjusting to our “normal” lives will prove to be an arduous task. Truckloads of homework, CAS work, etc ,etc await us. Ugghh. v crie evrytiem.

We jumped out of our beds after a good night’s sleep, *cough cough*, for our visit to the S-21 Genocide Museum. The buildings were first those of a school, but were later converted into prisons and torture chambers for the persecuted under Pol Pot regime after education became illegal in 1975. The visit proved to be an eye opener and provided us with an insight into the brutality carried out by human beings against human beings of the same paradigms. Some of the most striking features of this camp were the reminders of the brutal treatment of prisoners: blood stains and manacles that stood resolute in the places where they were first and last used, and the bloodied beds and floors the captives slept on. Our entire trip coincided with the Cambodian Festival of the Dead, and thus we also witnessed some of their rituals at the S-21 Genocide Museum. We were sickened and horrified by the inhumane activities carried out during the Khmer Rouge.

After this solemn experience, we went shopping at the Russian Market that gave us a chance to flex our bargaining muscles. We scoured the market place for cheap buys while being assaulted by the sounds, sights and smells of a bustling Saturday morning. Half an hour later, we emerged armed with a variety of souvenirs, apparel and fake shades. This certainly lifted up our moods after our somber visit to S21.

The past week has been one of the most exhilarating of our lives. From the vivacious city of Phnom Penh to the tranquil silence of the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Reserve; from the exhaustive-yet-fun physical labour at FTB to the profound intellectual discussions; from the serene temples to the gruesome genocide centres and from the rock still land to the oscilating waves under the riverboat. As cheesy as this sounds, this was a trip to remember and cherish forever.

The Siva, Tota, A tree, VP Ankit


So there it is folks, the last blog from Cambodia 2015.

A huge thank you to FTB, the teachers (Mr. Ramesh & Mme Leena take a bow) and of course the students. A trip like this is a team effort if we are to get the very best out of it and this year I believe that we have really had a good one.

Thank you and good night,

Team Little Planet

Ready for home !




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